What is Zoom?

Zoom Video Communications is a company headquartered in San Jose, California (USA), that provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom offers communications software and services that combine video conferencing, online meetings, video webinars, real time instant messaging, H.323/SIP, phone systems, and mobile collaboration. Zoom not only offers the possibility to talk with multiple (up to 1000!) people at the same time, but makes it possible to really work together as a team. It does this by offering many extended features beyond "just talk". Think here of for example extended screen sharing, a "White Board" app, or remote document access so that all team members can type in that company critical document (if the host allows it of course).
I suppose that a good, short, and quick description would be to imagine Zoom as a professional version of your own FaceTime or Skype, which enables you to do more together with your conversation partners than just talk.
You can find more on all Zoom features, possibilities, and services here.

The 3 different ways to Zoom...

You are probably here because you got a Zoom invitation from one of my GR Consulting colleagues, and now want to know more about it. In short, Zoom offers you 3 different ways to join your upcoming GR Consulting meeting...

  1. Join with the Zoom app
  2. Join with your own web browser
  3. Join by telephone
Don't forget to read our quick note about "the Waiting Room"!

Join with the Zoom app

For this method, you need to have the Zoom app already installed on your phone or computer. It doesn't matter whether you have an Apple, Linux, or Windows computer, or want to Zoom on your Android or iPhone; Zoom has a specific app available for all these different operating systems.
If you don't have the Zoom app for your specific device yet, and you like to install it, you can get it here. Zoom also has various plug-ins, which extends the capabilities of the VOIP application you perhaps already have, e.g. Zoom for Skype for Business. I will not go into that here now, but if you want, you can check it out yourself here...

If you start up your Zoom app, it will look something like this.
Although Zoom will tempt you to register and create an account, registration is not explicitly needed for joining your GR Consulting video conference.

If you hold an account with Zoom, you can proceed to Sign in.
If you did not register with Zoom, you can proceed by simply clicking Join a meeting.

After you clicked "Join a Meeting" (not registered), or signed in, you will land on this screen...

You can fill in the Meeting ID you received from one of my GR Consulting colleagues (e.g. 111 222 333) where it says "Meeting ID or Personal Link Name". After typing in the Meeting ID, click the Join button.
It is possible that Zoom will also ask you for a meeting password.

Naturally, you can find this meeting password also in the original invitation you received from my GRc colleague. Just fill in when prompted, and Bob's your uncle!

Join with your own web browser and meeting URL

If you can't, or don't want to install the Zoom app, you can also join your GR Consulting video conference with the help of your own web browser. If this holds your preference, it is important to make sure that (the configuration of) your web browser supports all conditions needed for your Zoom call. For example, if your system administrator disabled WebRTC, or you are behind a properly configured firewall, you will experience severe difficulties joining your meeting.

If you plan to join your GR Consulting video call by web browser, please check first with your system administrator whether this will be possible for you!

To join your GRc (video) conference call with the help of your web browser, just go to the internet address/ URL that you can find in your meeting invitation. This URL will look something like:
Just enter your Meeting ID and password when prompted, and be ready to start talking!

Join by phone

You want to join your GR Consulting conference call, but you do not have access to a device with the Zoom app on it? Or you are on a network that will not provide you with the necessary bandwidth you want? No problem! Although you will be limited to an "audio-only" mode, you can join your GR Consultancy meeting by phone from anywhere in the world!

If you join your GR Consulting conference call by phone, please note that local (additional) calling charges and conditions will apply!

In your original invitation, sent to you by one of my GR Consulting colleagues, you will find several local dial-in numbers. Of course, we try to make sure that you will receive the dial-in number that is the most appropriate for you. But...
What if you're not where we think you are? No problem, help is at hand! Should we have sent you some dial-in numbers that do not reflect your current geographic location or most economic dial-in option, please look for a more appropriate local number in the extensive global listing here.
When you dial-in, you will be asked to supply your Meeting ID and password. As with the other ways to join your GRc call, just punch these in when prompted, and you're good to go!

A final (waiting) note...

When you log in to join your GR Consulting (video) conference, it is possible that your call has not started yet because your host, most likely the organiser of your call, is not available yet. As a result, you will be placed in a "Waiting Room".

Please rest assured that nothing went wrong on your side! Just don't close this window, because this will disconnect you, and thus terminate your call! Your meeting will start automatically as soon as the (organising) host joins the call.

With your question now answered, feel free to explore our website a bit further...
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We are looking forward to speak to you soon!